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mio iConnectMIDI1 iConnectMIDI2+ iConnectMIDI4+ iConnectAUDIO4+
1 in 1 out USB to MIDI
for Mac and PC.
1 in 1 out MIDI interface
for Mac, PC or iOS.
Multi-host 2x2 MIDI interface
for Mac, PC, and iOS.
networkable 4x4 MIDI interface
for Mac, PC and iOS
Professional multi-host
audio/MIDI interface interconnects
iOS/Mac/PC and multiple USB peripherals
Optional Power Transformer 5ft 30pin iOS Inline Connection Cable
For use with the iConnectMIDI2+
to charge an iOS device
For use with the iConnectMIDI2+and iConnectMIDI4+
connection to an iOS device
iConnectMIDI iConnectMIDI iOS Cable
Converge your MIDI devices. Add another iOS device to your iConnectMIDI.


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